Your precious bundle is on it's way!

With evidence based information, let me assist you and your family with this huge transition. Let's work together to prepare you physically and emotionally leading up to, during and following childbirth. 

All families benefit from a Doula on their team

A Birth Doula works with the couple continuously throughout - leading up to labour, during labour, and after the baby is born. We will meet before baby's arrival and make a plan together for how I can best support you as part of your team. We'll discuss how to make you feel the most confident and comfortable giving birth and starting off your new life together.

A Postpartum Doula is trained to understand what new babies and new mothers need to facilitate healing, thriving and bonding. I will help with soothing techniques, breastfeeding or bottle feeding knowledge and explaining normal newborn behaviour. I can support the mother, her partner and the baby’s siblings with the transition. Nurturing the Fourth will also offer light household duties, baby’s laundry, doing the dishes or preparing simple nourishing meals.

As a Birth and Postpartum Doula, I am extremely passionate about giving mothers support to build confidence and follow their natural intuition.

The guidance I offer takes some of the stress away to allow for easier bonding time for mom and baby. I’m here to help over the first 3 months. This is a very precious time - The Fourth Trimester! (the first three months outside mother’s womb)